Cleansing Instructions

AVOID Caffeine, Alcohol, and Cigarettes!!!

*Drink plenty of water throughout your day and in between your juices. (Alkaline/ Coconut preferred but not mandatory)

*Space your juices throughout your day, the order is NOT crucial. (4 juices+1 shooter a day)

*Take hot showers/baths or "sweat it out" in a sauna, if you have access to one.

*If you get hungry, you may consume raw almonds, walnuts, or green apple slices.

*Consider going to bed early to curve late night munchies.

*TAKE IT isn't the time for vigorous exercise! Walking, Yoga, and gentle exercises are recommended.

*At the end of your cleanse ease back into eating light foods such as soups and smoothies. Slowly add cooked foods into your daily diet.

A juice cleanse is a wonderful way to rest your digestive system and revitalize yourself. You can cleanse once a week, once a month or once each season... IT'S UP TO YOU, ENJOY!